June 2016


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Stars are born, not made. And this is exactly of comes to mind when we think of DJ and producer, KURA. He’s 28 years old and is already the 42nd most popular DJ in the world in DJ Mag’s Top100 2014. KURA has under his belt several releases for labels such as Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings, Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings, Armin Van Buuren’s Trice/Armada Music, as well as Ultra Music.

His name grew as a DJ and he was invited to play as a resident DJ at Lisbon’s Kapital, Tamariz, and then to Gossip, a 1,500 capacity club in Lisbon. Production wise his tracks and remixes were coming out regularly and the invitations to play in other clubs started to come in, it was time to leave his residencies and focus on a freelance career, and that’s what Kura did. As his productions got stronger his invitations to play in bigger & better clubs grew.

The international breakthrough would come with his track “Brazil”. Roger Sanchez picked it up from the thousands of promos he usually receives and played it on his infamous Release Yourself Radio Show. The track was released and Kura’s name became the one to keep an eye on as the fastest riser on the Portuguese EDM scene in years.

2014 begun with Kura at the height of his production and DJ career with two amazing distinctions: he released “Sabotage” through Armada Music label; and received the award for Best Portuguese DJ in Radio Nova Era’s annual awards. By mid-year he would release through Nicky Romero’s Protocol Recordings and by October debuts in the American giant Ultra Music with a remix for MAKJ & Lil’Jon. As well as the revelation of DJ Mag’s Top100 where he was placed, for the first time, on the 42nd spot, the 5th highest direct entry of 2014 and the highest entry ever for a Portuguese DJ.

明星是天生而不是靠培養的,這亦正讓我們聯想起 DJ及電音製作人 KURA:年僅28歲的他就已經榮登全球第42位DJ,並且他的創作亦在各大唱片品牌推出過,如 Hardwell 的 Revealed Recordings,Ferry Corsten 的 Flashover Recordings,Nicky Romero 的 Protocol Recordings,Armin van Buuren 的 Armada Music,以及聞名世界的 Ultra Music 等。

KURA的名字是由他開始在里斯本的夜店作駐唱DJ開始火起來。其後,他的創作以及到其他夜店的演出亦相繼增加,KURA 卻選擇在此時放棄他的駐唱演出並開展他的自由創作生涯。由於他的作品變得更強大豐富,他亦開始在更大更好的夜店裡開始演出。

他在國際樂壇的突破伴隨著他的單曲 “Brazil” 展開。Roger Sanchez 從成千上萬的demo中選中了它並於其著名廣播節目 Release Yourself 中播出。歌曲一出隨即令 KURA 得到全世界的注目,成為其中一位最當紅的新進DJ。

2014年 KURA 有兩項重大突破,分別是透過 Armada Music 推出了單曲 Sabotage,以及得到由 Radio Nova Era 頒出的年度最佳葡萄牙DJ。隨後 KURA 亦透過 Nicky Romero 的 Protocol Recordings 及 Ultra Music 推出多首創作及混音作品。當然,絕對不能不提的是 KURA 首次現身 DJ MAG TOP 100 排名並獲得睇 42 名的高位,這位葡萄牙有史以來最出位的 DJ 絕對是未來一顆不容忽視的超級新星!

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What song can make you dream of joy? With this massive hit song of Stadiumx -“So Much Love” bringing the upbeat melody into the mix that really defines what this song is about. ” So Much Love”infuses a baseline that is halfway between electronic house and future house to mix in the whole new layer of dynamic energy. Come and experience this passionately energetic music with Stadiumx themselves on 18th June (Sat) at Club Cubic. Feel the love and joy with the person you wanted the most.

什麼歌可以令您憧憬快樂?Stadiumx 的大熱舞曲”So Much Love” 中展現出痛快同時令人心跳的旋律。So Much Love 一曲嶄新的基調中,能游走於electronic house與future house之間,更彰顯音樂重新混合後層次上豐富多彩性。 6月18日(週六)大家便有機會親身感受這份由Stadiumx 帶來的雀躍節奏,與致愛一同體驗這份愛與快樂的根源。

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Pomo & Stone is delighted to present DJ/producer duo Stadiumx consists of two Hungarian producers David and Sullivan (also known from Muzzaik with over a 100 releases on Beatport) to Club Cubic, Macau in the upcoming Saturday. The collaboration that officially formed in late 2012 have been working hard in the studio on new material and Stadiumx was formed to create and release their unique visions on music! Their goal? Bring a new energetic sound: a blend of house-electro and progressive which results in that “Big-Stadium” sound!”. Their successes at Protocol Recordings paved the way for several gigs with Nicky Romero and a collab called ‘Harmony’. Stadiumx is set to be the neXt big thing! Catch them trying to break the speakers at Club Cubic on June 18th.

Pomo & Stone 非常高興能夠把來自匈牙利的音樂製作人David和Sullivan組成雙人DJ組合Stadiumx在本週六帶給澳門嬌比。他們曾以Muzzaik聞名於電音界,在Beatport發表過上百首單曲。他們的正式合作始於2012年末,並在當時創作了不少標誌性的音樂,並創建了獨特的音樂願景,立志要打造新的活力音樂類型:將house-electro和progressive完美融合,產生了新的“Big-Stadium”!和Nicky Romero合作的單曲“Harmony”在Protocol廠牌成功發行,為他們音樂道路的發展錦上添花!期待Stadiumx的到來,準備好在6月18日震撼你的雙耳!

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The First Asia Music Conference (TAMC) has successfully ended this year. Thanks so much for all speakers, moderators, DJs and guests who came to TAMC ! It was a great success of the 3 days of events!TAMC’s mission is to assemble electronic music’s most legendary and innovative artists and professionals from across the globe to demonstrate the huge potential for Electronic Dance Music throughout Asia. 

02/06: Cocktail Networking
03/06: Conference, after party at Cubic
04/06: Pool Party, after party at Cubic


         Day 1 – TAMC Networking Cocktails

 The Asia Music Conference. 2nd June 2016



Day 2 – TAMC Seminar

The Asia Music Conference. 3rd June 2016




Day 3 – TAMC Born Out Of Music Pool Party

The Asia Music Conference. 4th June 2016



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Thanks to Adam Wright from South China Morning Post SCMP for the following article about festivals in Asia taken from the Festivals panel discussion at TAMC -The Asia Music Conference.


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Pomoandstone is bringing Stadiumx to Club Cubic, Macau. Catch them on 18 June (Sat) and prepare yourself to party with the original party person themselves! Don’t miss it !

Pomo & Stone 很高興能把 Stadiumx 帶到澳門嬌比。樂迷記得6月18日(週六)來澳門嬌比。現場釋放你們的熱情,一起引爆派對熱浪吧!

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