It’s been a few weeks since “Starboy” by The Weeknd came out. Featuring production from Daft Punk, we don’t think he could have chosen a more stellar first single for his forthcoming album, due out a week from tomorrow. Tonight, he has released the second collaboration titled “I Feel It Coming” and it couldn’t be more different from “Starboy.”

This new track sounds a lot more like Random Access Memories than “Starboy” did, making use of soft guitar plucks and some ’80s style piano synthesizers. Not only that, we also have the classic Daft Punk vocoders in the mix, making this feel like a true collaboration.

“I Feel It Coming” is the final track on The Weeknd’s Starboy which could explain the laidback tone of the track, as the album winds down.

Will people still like this more than “Starboy”? It remains to be seen, but chances are we’ll have a consensus by tomorrow morning. You can listen to it on all outlets here or via Apple Music below.

Listen To The Weeknd & Daft Punk’s New Collab:

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