Armin Van Buuren

#3 (2017)

Artist Bio | 藝人資料:

Armin van Buuren is a Dutch DJ, record producer, musician, remixer, pianist and songwriter. Since 2001, Van Buuren has hosted a weekly radio show called A State of Trance, which currently is broadcast to more than 37 million weekly listeners in 84 countries on over 100 FM radio stations. This radio show propelled him to stardom and helped cultivate an interest in trance music around the world. Van Buuren has won a number of accolades. He has been ranked the No. 1 DJ by DJ Mag a record of five times, five years in a row. He is currently ranked No. 4 on DJ Mag list for 2015. In 2014, he was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Dance Recording for his single “This Is What It Feels Like” featuring Trevor Guthrie, which makes him the fourth trance artist ever to receive a Grammy Award nomination. In the United States, he holds the record for most entries, twenty-one, on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart. His 2008 studio album, Imagine, entered the Dutch album chart at No. 1, a first for a trance artist in Dutch music history. Armin van Buuren 是一名德國DJ,唱片製作人,音樂家,混音師,鋼琴家和作曲家。自2001年,Van Buuren 每週主持一個電台節目《A State of Trance》。該節目每週約有三千七百萬來自不同國家的聽眾,也是在超過100個FM頻頻裹轉播。這個電台節目令Armin van Buuren 晉身影視名人界,亦令世界各地的聽眾更了解Trance音樂。 Armin van Buuren 橫掃各大不同頒獎典禮的獎項。他曾連續五年五次登上DJ Mag百大DJ排行榜。現2015年,他排名第四。在2014年,他的單曲”This is what it feels like” 被提名格萊美最佳電子舞曲。他是史上上第四名Trance藝人得到格萊美音樂獎項之提名。他是美國各大音樂流行榜中和Billboard 的常客及長勝軍,Armin van Buuren 是第一位Trance 藝人在 2008年的錄音唱片” Imagine “打入德國唱片榜榜首,創下德國Trance 藝人光輝的一頁。

Armin Van Buuren@Club Cubic_09.09.2017

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