Swanky Tunes

#99 (2017)

Artist Bio | 藝人資料:

The group was formed in 1998, experimenting with different electronic styles in search of their own sound. At first, there were techno sounds mixed with vintage synthesizers. Then the group morphed makes a sound clearly influenced by the Big beat. Currently, some touches of techno, 80s electro, and progressive contemporary house complement their sound. At its inception, the band has a name in Russian, but in 1999 they decided to adapt to the English language, as it would be a more accessible name for the market.

Their debut album, Streamline, was released in 2006 by the Russian label Uplifto Records. In 2006 and 2007, they were named “Best Musical Group” in Dance Music Awards in Russia. Currently they hold the #14 among the top 100 DJs of Russia.

Internationally, its productions and remixes have been released by labels from the likes of MixMash, Spinnin’ Records, Refune, Size, Wall, Musical Freedom and Doorn Records. They also had the support from major artists of electronic music such as Tiësto, David Guetta, Sander Van Doorn, Swedish House Mafia, Laidback Luke, Dirty South and Avicii, among others.

Very often they releases productions in collaboration Hard Rock Sofa, another Russian musical trio, which one of its members, Alexander Shapovalov is a cousin of a member of Swanky Tunes, Vadim Shpak. In 2011, both groups released an electronic version of The Stooges song, “I Wanna Be Your Dog”. In the same year, they collaborated with Dutch DJ R3hab on the song “Sending My Love” with the vocals of Max’C. In 2012, they collaborated with renowned DJ and producer Tiësto, production “Make Some Noise”, including the record compiled by him, Club Life: Volume Two Miami. In September 2012, they founded their own record label Showland, which was distributed by the Dutch label Spinnin’ Records, being its first release, the single “Blood Rush”.

Forward Musiq一個訪問里,Swanky Tunes說起組合名字的來源。1998年,他們隨便打開美國字典選了Swanky這個字,然後有人叫出tunes這個字,Swanky Tunes就這麼誕生了。Forward Musiq又問到他們還記不記得自己第一次的表演。Swanky Tunes 激動地說:「當然!那時候我們還在自己城市中很小的夜店用著手電筒照著DJ 台上的按鈕。」當Forward Musiq問起他們小時候的夢想,Swanky Tunes說他們從小就想當太空人,根本沒想過要當DJ

No One Knows Who We Are」 是Swanky Tunes Kaskade一起合作出的一首歌。在這支MV 里描述了一個在平行宇宙里的DJ 拯救少女的故事。視頻里簡單的顏色和生動的動畫特效是Complex 選這個MV的原因之一。 在《速度與激情6》的其中一幕里,主人公Dom 在公路上熱血飆車。背景音樂就是Swanky Tunes Hard Rock Sofa 一起合作的《Here We Go

Swunky Tunes@Club Cubic, Macau_16th May, 2015